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"Actually, anybody, training horses, should have to train dolphins successfully before training horses, because with dolphins you don't have any means of pressure, you have to win their voluntary cooperation. They must want to work with its trainer. If you get it wrong, they go into hiding and the show is over. With horses, one can do far too much with mechanical means and tends to ignore their free will!" (Fredy Knie Senior, 1995)

The aim of Dolphin Horse Training is to include in horse training the successful method of using the free will of the animal known from training of dolphins and other animals. The goal is for the horse to respect his trainer, choose him as leader, wanting to be with him and try to please him on their own initiative.

Remove all the fences, ropes, longes and barriers, then only one thing remains: The truth.

The result is a bond that is much stronger than any rope and any curb bit.

This bond gives you an infinitely beautiful feeling, magical moments in which you become a unit in harmony with nature and, importantly  by the way, that safety feeling making it possible to  relax with your horse in your free time without fear or anxiety.

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Delfin-Horsetraining - the new way to team with horses!

A training result .... without words

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If you want to experience such magical moments as a team with your horse or you wonder if this is possible with your horse at all, then check out our free sample course online. It explains to you, among other things, with exciting learning videos, how our courses work and what they bring. At the same time, you will learn how to remove your horse's fear of objects.

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